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Bera arowana super red pork as diet for arowana


Bera arowana super red pork as diet for arowana


arowana super red pork as diet for arowana

anyone tried that? long term? started giving to my aros n they enjoy it...wondering any long term ill effect if any?
what sort of cuts do you give ur arowanas? loin? fillet etc? cos different parts different cost...fillet being the most expensive
hi mod...not sure if this is the most appropriate forum as it seems to be the best fit for my question...if wrong, appreciate if you could move it to the right forum...thanks!
I think give those less fat will be better.. never try pork tho.
just my opinion
>less fat will be gd else later water oily + smelly = GG
>Fish do not produce the right kinds of enzymes to breakdown the fats found in meat. Hence the lipids will go undigested, causing more dissolved organic compounds (DOC) or what you see as oily layer on the water surface. If Im not wrong, it may also cause liver problems - not too sure about that but Im sure I read somewhere about it.
IMO, it will not be fatal to feed raw meat but I believe it will drastically shorten the lifespan of fishes which consume it as staple food or regularly. Use it at your own risk!
>Quoted from another site:
Dr. Peter Burgess MSc, Ph.D.,of the Aquarium Advisory Service in England
Liver Damage and Red Meats
"The routine of feeding beef heart and other red meats to Cichlids can ultimately give rise to health problems. Poultry meat is also suspect. Red meats, including lean meats such as beef heart, contain the wrong sorts of fats - these harden within the cold-blooded fish, leading to blockages and fatty deposits around the liver.
Also, the relative proportions of amino acids within the mammalian proteins are different to those required by fish. Hence, feeding red meats will cause the cichlid to excrete more nitrogenous (ammonia) wastes, thereby placing an extra burden on the biological filter."
>No offence. I wonder why some bros like to feed pork to their fish.
They dont eat that in the wild so I believe their body system may not able to take (digest)it.
>For protein, it is good.
my personal ex, tank water slightly oily, harder to digest and may cause stomach or anus inflammation.
since red meat is not meant to be a natural diet for aros
>would chicken be considered unnatural as well? I was told to consider since its cheaper than mp.. I heard of sotong as well
>Read in quite a number of fish forum that pork n chicken are not really good for our arowana. Their body system cannot really digest these meat. So it is still best to only give seafood kind of protein.
>Those I mentioned may not apply for every arowanas, still no major harm trying and see the "effects" for say, 1 week. See whether your aro will grow fat or not
Alot of old timers before me does that for a long time.
Recent times I tried that with my 2 STs with pork, end results, the tank is filled with debris of undigested pork(I feel the pork are not totally digested)
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